How to score 80-100pts with your player in one game, Evo-ing fast

Shout out to M2k for showing us how to customize the playbook to quickly call your play…

To do this, go to your offensive settings and remove all play type boxes, go to the 4th box and put your top play in there, now all you have to do is Tap LB and LB again to call that play, this can be done in .5 seconds…

Use this simple play to get a clear lane in at the rim everytime, If you want a assist, after a score, reach half-court and pass it to your PG, make sure your PG doesnt have 3pt play type, so we want this play called for the SG instead of the PG…

Play Quick 21 Rip
Playbook Trailzers

Part 2… Beating All-Time Dom

This is how i beat All-time Dom easy, this time you want to pass the SG the ball then call the play, the PG will line up next to the C and PF at the top of the key Pass the PG the ball, you have a open lane to go through…


The blazers playbook is a W. Has awesome loop plays in it. Thanks for the guide as always!! @DjEfx


Fist 15 Box
Punch 15 Flare
and Quick 21 Rip

helped me get Bird… its my favorite playbook so far.


Yessir! Don’t forget quick 12 loop. Takes a long time but the guy is almost always wide open

For those reading, fist 15 box is like fist 52 loop on roids


I saw players getting knocked down a few times after the patch, Laimbeer and Christian Laettner both have brickwall, it was funny to see during Quick 12 loop…


Haven’t tried it since the patch :thinking: :open_book::writing_hand:t5:

You control your SF and call the play for the SG?

When pg have the ball, double tap LB

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Wow, this makes it look easy. I was just running bucks 2018 and just driving. Does this work on higher difficulties in dom?

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it works on historic easy, you will need a PG that can dunk when you get to All time

I have d rose and I’ll have Darrell Armstrong back to Amy later today. I sold him while he was high, and the requirements aren’t too bad. This will definitely make the grind easier, that’s for sure!

Honestly, bucks 2018 freelance, moving crossover/behind the back, feels like all you really need, to spam points with any player vs the CPU.

i might use this to quickly get wade and ward evolved - how much is the blazers playbook ?

That’s what I’ve been doing, but after so many points/assists, the CPU starts to rush the guy your trying to evo with. I can still drop 60-80, but I’d definitely score more if I didn’t have to worry about constant double teams after the first QTR.

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Wow GOAT play. I scored 73 points with Rose and easily beat all-time Thunder

stupid question, but which Blazers playbook, current Blazers i’m assuming?

I was wondering the same thing. I looked earlier and the current was up

Just a note, you don’t have to remove any other plays from the list you just have to put the play in the 4th slot to make it selected by hitting L1/LB twice.


@DjEfx can I call this play for the SG?

It’s the current blazers playbook, and you can call it for sg and sf for sure. I haven’t tried calling it for either of the bigs, I’d assume it works for them as well. All time dom just got significantly less sweaty. The first game I tried this was all time thunder and I beat them by 40.

Also, whoever posted the playbook for 950 is a total mensch.