How to On Ball Effectively in 2k21

Theres usually nothing here posted on how to get better at on ball. Its mainly just hate for off ballers lol

These vid should help. Off ball is still king but On Ball is wayyyyyy more responsive this year. Some of the animations are beautiful for defense.





Defense Assist settings to 15-20 to prevent sliding on D. Courtesy of Sam Pham.

ill bookmark this for next season when i play again

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This is getting ridiculous with the clickbait titles fr

I guess you get a pass @Kobe6Rings


On ball aint bad this year :cold_face:

I thought most people knew about this lol

Loving onball this year, people who offball have been free wins thus far.

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You watch the top comp players? They all off ball. Its much better with cards with good def stats and badges. Also easier to on ball early because alot of cards dont have QFS.

Using cards like Diamond PG13 or Christie is night and day compared to lesser badged cards. Badges like Heart Crusher and Interceptor are just as important as clamps this year.

And i slapped that hof heart crusher on ruby Klay (by mistake) lmao. At least helps in ltd. This crushes my heart on hall of fame level. Would be damn good on Pandemic P.

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Yup its the cheesiest defensive badge in the game right now.

Showtime is just as OP just offensively :shushing_face:


Never trust Sam Pham. I learned this years ago. You’ll be trying to play sim on ball. until you run into off ball cheesers and take fat Ls. Don’t stress yourself out. Do not trust his katana plays either lmao he doesn’t even play myteam. Get this dude out.

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Among regular ones Pump fake maestro does a damn good job with Hakeem since he has nice post moves. Didn’t see this badge do so good other cards.


Nice Ill check it out. It looks like a lot of badges were reworked. Pass Fake Maestro works this year too.

Next Gen is supposed to have new badges so we will see how that goes.

I don’t bother watching ‘comp’ players, it’s just people who abuse broken mechanics. Had plenty of people offball with Diamond PG and all the top end defensive players and its mostly the same. Sure its effective in spurts, but nothing compared to last year.

I haven’t even been playing like that. I may hop back on 21 soon though

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For sure bro. You could hold out until season 2 low key. Unlimited is broken. I still get losses when people quit, whites bailing people out, cards sprint to the paint when they should be guarding their man and worst of all the shit is on All Star :puke:

We gotta get it in on UFC again :eyes:

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I’ve been working like crazy to stay on ball. I usually start onballing, but this year with the corners being so bad I’ve been forced to manually run those idiots back to their assignments so it takes some of the fun away.

I do like that even if they get you on their hip you can recover by hitting intense D and turbo along with pushing the sticks correctly. It makes shutting down drive after drive way more fun.

I’ve been solely playing UFC when I do actually game :joy:

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Yo on God, Jordan hof fast break finisher is absolutely amazing, he gets 2 dunks on the break and he has takeover

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I mean, i thought i’ve seen everything with what 2020 brings, but @Kobe6Rings preaching onball is next level something :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: