How to not be banned from quitting?

Is there any effective way to quit a game in MTU without getting banned? Yes I know I’m noob and everybody can criticize me but its very tilting to play with a cheesy lineup. Right now im currently time restricted and need to wait 60 mins before matching again and that sucks tho. :man_facepalming:t2:

Close app

quit the app

Hit that dashboard

Wow didn’t know that. Thank you very much. I thought closing apps and quitting in game will have the same result. My bad.

let pause time run out

Is this safer? Dont wanna extend my time again tho. So im just making sure :sweat_smile:

I think, I usually ride the game out getting beat or not

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Do 5 quick pauses in a row (instead of waiting the full 3 minutes).
Your opponent will have the option to quit and win.
It will save you the 5 minutes of closing and opening the app.
Good luck.

When I’m on the loading screen to get into a game, with both teams cards on the screen, I think people quit the app when they don’t wanna play - I don’t receive the win or loss, does anyone know if they receive the loss for doing that?

Yeah i think this happens to me to when nba pops no player in this lobby something like that then the game ends on its own.

If you’re on PS4, you can go network on your Ps4 dashboard and go to test connection, it will quit the game and you will still be in 2k, so you don’t have to reload the game again.

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Yeah but idk if that person receives a loss for doing that, because if they did surely I’d get the win

This works while playing without getting a restriction/ban or just in the loading screen?

DM me if your on PC and need a method

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If your opponent is pissing you off enough, there’s an easy way to force a loss for both you and your opponent.

Yes they receive the loss

Yes this works while playing a game. Learned it from JakeMason when he quit to give someone a win during a video.

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Im on ps4 tho thanks :sweat_smile: