How to make Tokens

I got 25 tokens rn, 6 out of 10 on the diamond board, how can I make more trying to avoid the myteam player collections. I was thinking All-Time Dom? But thats time consuming. Got 100k mt aswell.

I really want that Embiid but I’m looking at 390 tokens.



Buy the legacy series set with Walton and Monroe it’ll give you 200 tokens probably cost around 160k

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tt online is all i do and i got to 3 opals. i started late december and nvr have problems with tokens. yep i don’t even lock token sets.

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Triple threat online. I’ve made like 180 tokens the past two days on tto


and GO AK47 is like 200k on a normal day. I’d say locking sets for tokens is an L

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All time dom gonna be your best bet for guaranteed tokens

i completed both legacy for around 420k yesterday to get to isaac and nurk

Was at 190 after redeeming Duncan Friday. Already back up to 433 tokens

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I just cashed in following the JD Crossover recommendation as I already had most from the sets he recommended in his video. Moments Of the Week sets 7,8 & 9 as well as Isiah Thomas Spotlight. All are pretty cheap and the Moments give you 100 Tokens each and Thomas one gives 50

You can’t refuse to finish dom and be asking how to make tokens. Domination gives you more tokens than any other mode.

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I think TTOnline gives you more than Dom provided you get through all 10 games without losing 3 times. If you aren’t making it through the 10 games consistently, Dom is probably better.

Really? I think 420 tokens, or whatever it is, in 99 games is a better ratio than what you’d get from 99 games of TTO. As you said though, that kinda depends on luck. You gotta win and get the ball drops where you need them.

I’m talking about time invested, not games. TTO is probably 5-8 minutes per game; Dom is 30+ minutes per game.

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You def get more from All time dom. A few hundred. I think you get close to 150 for the last 3 games

Sell your copy of nba 2k20, then go to the nearest chucky cheese’s to buy tokens.

This. If the cards on the token market were game breaking, I could understand locking sets. But they’re not. And better, cheaper options can be found in the auction house.

I go by a general rule of staying under 1k MT per token, and I agree with @jdealla it’s not worth it to buy tokens right now. Maybe when the market tanks again on thurs/fri