How to Improve this with 700k?

Thoughts? Thinking I need to sell 3 or 4 guys to make room for 1 or 2 megastars. AUCTIONABLE CARDS ONLY please.


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Where does the albino wonder fit in?

Yeah, get Bird and one of tmac/KD/Melo as your main scorer.


I’d personally sell Lebron and leave Pippen there.

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Was thinking sell Dwight, Blake, Drob, Kawhi and BRoy to have about 1 mil for Melo and KD?

Is bird athletic enough for the break?

Kawhi over Pippen?

Shinostique prepares to get blasted by the 2k community

Starting Lineup (for you):
PG- PD or GO Giannis
SG- GO Karl Malone
SF- GO Blake
PF- PD Bill Russell
C- GO Wilt

This is your “You might as well rage quit bud” lineup.