How To Improve 2K for 2K23

Thought it would be fun for people to note what they want 2K to add/change for 2K23. Despite all of our appropriate complaints, I actually enjoyed 2K this year. Here are a few of my ideas -

  1. I really liked duos and evolved cards this year (much better than in the past). I hope they take a lesson from Madden and allow boosts for having players from the same team out on the court at the same time. For example, if you have 3 players from the same team (e.g., Sixers), each player gets +3 in every category. If you have 5 players, you get +5 for each category. Full disclosure - it was my son’s idea but thought it sounded great
  2. Draft mode started out good, but really did not catch on later. I think part of the problem is the rewards. It would be nice to get 1000 MT and/or dropped ball like TTO with each win (even a few MT for a loss) while keeping the prize board at the end of the run.
  3. RNG - Everyone hates RNG. Worse in Clutch. Perhaps odds should improve with the more games you play in a set period of time. After 30 wins in clutch, it would be nice if the odds to getting the card would improve slightly. Also, just remove the possibility of getting 1-2 tokens. That is just insulting in game of clutch.
  4. Clutch - does it really need to be 100 games to get the top card? Perhaps 70 Games would be better.
  5. Next Gen Play Calling - I really hate Next Gen Play Calling. Despite having an Xbox X, we would only play current generation. There needs to be a way to improve this.
  6. Save settings - Everyone hates waiting for the opponent to change their settings and we all hate having to do it every game. Still unclear why this could not just be saved for an individual or have a shortcut that can be used to turn a set on during any specific game.
  7. Playbooks - It really should be more obvious what plays are in each playbook. Only way to tell now is to find YouTube videos or try them out during a game.

I took 22 off and am wondering if the AI defense improved in this year’s version? As a casual player I only play offline and prefer to stay with one player on defense. But it is hard to stop the CPU from making every shot unless you are constantly switching on ball. I heard that they sharpened up the AI defense in the 22 version - but wondering if this is true, especially at higher difficultly levels?

Good point about save pre-game settings. would make the game so much better. Other points you make are also improvements.

Less is more, they should release less cards. Make them more exclusive and not so replaceable. We got this year 23 versions of a lebron James and 10 were DM, what’s the point.

I would also like more versatility in the offline challenges. Like the spotlight challenges which were for Embid. Make the games instead of 5 minutes to 4 minutes per quarter.


I honestly just want 2K17 with updated graphics.


I have been begging for team chemistries forever. I think it should have different factors as well. Team chems, college chems, playstyle chems. It could also finally make free agent cards important. Like instead of a limited 5 game card, free agents can access any chem they ever had. Like regular LeBron is locked into whatever jersey is on his card but FA LeBron could get Cavs, Heat, Lakers. Like Madden PowerUps

I think what the draft mode needs is some form of control. Its TOO random. You can get an OP squad or a literally unplayable squad. Maybe you open a playstyle pack and that determines what kind of star player you get but also weakness. Like a Masher pack, you get Yao and a coach that boosts inside game but the rest of the team is average. Or you get a Shooter pack where it’s Steph but your bigs are undersized.

I think Limited should be all week and you should never be able to build god squads. It’s such a refreshing feeling to play somewhat normal basketball with only one or two top tier cards. A shame that it’s only available on weekends and sometimes the rules allow for all DMs.

Court and jersey restrictions. No more colored courts. No more dark home jerseys. And get rid of that nightclub TTO court. Same with Clutch Time.

More Solo challenges with better rewards. In Madden you can always build a competitive squad completely free through solos. 2K definitely had their best year with this but a lot of it was vault RNG or through sweat fests online. We never got true spotlights this year and what we did get only had 2 cards would going for.

No Endgames. Worst idea so far from 2K. I understand some cards (Jokic) need updated jumpers or some dribbles, but giving all of these cards the same animations was a terrible idea. It takes the fun out of creating these teams when they all just play like different sized versions of each other.

No more mystery rewards. Every time we should always know who we’re locking in for.

More facescans to differentiate different eras/cards. We have 95 LeBrons and they are all the same player model. What happened to slim young LeBron, or Orlando Shaq with hair that was barely 300 lbs. Super skinny Giannis, etc. It’d be way cooler if you could immediately tell which version your opponent had on court.


i would also like to see some of the mycareer rewards accessible in myteam. the splash animations as and noises are so cool but i haven’t played mycareer seriously since the oj duo.

put hof badges in the auction house. its annoying how luck based hof badges are. i didnt pull a useful hof badge all year until they were available in domination.

speaking of domination, the games just need to be shorter. its way too much of a grind and the rewards are never good enough to justify the time spent until endgame.

the ability to create a third alternate jersey and have the option to select jerseys pregame.

more ah search options. extra badges, shoes, contacts, holo, etc. and have all of the options in alphabetical order. it’s so annoying searching for badges because the order they are listed as random.

no more cartoon balls. the disco ball is far enough but the the fire and unicorn balls are just unnecessary and they sometimes feel like they cause lag?

out of position should be tied in with endgame as well as glitched shooting tall point guards. i would like to see small pgs have a longer life span.

The obvious improvement would be physical caps on athletic attributes. Create bands whereby a 6’9” player falls, for example, into a 60-80 speed range, with someone like Lebron at the 80 mark.
Largely cosmetic coach and shoe boosts.

This would fix many, if not most, gameplay issues.
But, unfortunately, greed on both developer and gamer sides precludes this way of making an awesome gameplay experience.

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another strategy is drift away from the myteam mode and play park/stage/rec/pro am/anything affiliated with the “mycareer” mode in general. it made 2k22 the most fun 2k ever for me.

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Personally id like if they put more emphasis on REAL centers. Not these 7’6 players with a glitchy shot. I want big men to actually have to bang down low rather than the center have a shot just as good if not better than ur guards. Tacko might have my favorite shot which is wild to me lol.

So my completely unrealistic hopes for things that need to change for me to buy 2k again

  • No more being able to buy currency for packs. It’s gambling and should have no place in a video game.
  • more offline options, particularly 5 on 5. I’d even like an offline only version where there is no online play which would allow you to set difficulty levels to suit your own skill. I suck, I know it and I don’t care, but I’d like the chance to have a realistic shot at continuing to win games.

Other things I’d like to see

  • GOAT or endgame or whatever they get called having an extra position added (IE Bron would be PG, SF, PF)
  • journeyman cards that can play for every team they played for in their career
  • “blank” cards - you get a diamond and a certain number of attribute points to create any player in the game for any team.

But yeah those first two are the ones I want and won’t get so I won’t be buying it anyway.

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defensive settings! we wasted so much time changing settings for every game!!! wtf!!


That seems to be the lowest bar to improve the game for everyone. Still no understanding why that cannot be done. Do they feel it is better for both sides to have to change settings before every game?

one thing i would love for myteam is an “open all packs option” so i dont have to waste 20 minutes opening 150 packs when i start playing myteam in may/june. also for token packs/regular packs you should have an option to purchase multiple at one time. wont matter most of the time but for example this year with gold badge packs in the token market it would be really nice to open 700 at once and quicksell to make my 160,000 mt instead of doing each one individually.

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i would love a myteam 1v1 mode with losers ball and winners ball options. could really be fun especially when every card isnt op as shit. also some variation where you are forced to onball would be fun. show who can actually play defense. they should make ai defense like 2k21 next gen where one simple move gets you wide open against offballers.

They need to stop making cards like Tacko Fall DM etc because this guy is not that good nor is he worthy of having a DM or PD card.


I wish we could save settings as well so we don’t have to keep pausing the game each time set up our def and off etc.

Also wish they would not make it so easy for people to bang out 3s during MT multiplayer games. Frustrating watching people run around until they get open to launch a 3 and it goes in 7 out of 10 times.


They need to make cards special. Last time I saw a Rodman documentary and he was a beast on the board. But when you play with a Rodman on myteam he is just a regular SF Typ of Player, make the legends like they really played. I don’t need to shoot 3’s with him, I want to lockdown player’s and get the rebounds with him.
Make special badges just for the Legends.


First of all, respect the players, who deserve it. No stupid OP Tacko cards, that kills the game. I dont care if some names dont sell packs, make them grindable. People still can use 13 players in the game.

Rewards for lock in must be worth it. Last anniversary set and end game packs three days was total bullshit, 2k is trolling too much with this. Why would normal person waste money if the card you get is a few days later ten times cheaper. There are still ton of players who doesnt have end game or at least invincible card. Still dont understand why there is Lamelo/JR Smith/Tacko end game card an no Curry, Bill Russell, Rodman, Ewing, Duncan, D. Robinson, Olajuwon, Oscar Robertson, Westbrook, Iverson etc.

I like the way of madden with training and upgrading players. I think it could be a way. If you combine it with evolving requirements (that makes sense) it culd be really fun.

In the end of season there was a huge disappointment with variety of usable cards. Only ton of boring end game players, who are almost the same. Not much fun to make theme teams ( except invincible spurs) for example.

Grindable content was ok this year, except this season. I would still prefer to get some enjoyable stuff with some challeng and i dont mean another domination.

Team chemistry should be fun i guess. And it brings another variety for lineups in the game.

Settings should be set in tha basic menu, not just in the game, its so annoying and one of the main reasons why i dont like online games.

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I’d love to see something like “Training”. Maybe for example you send 3 cards to train a specific play or you let them shoot around (like the Card grading for a few hours) and after that they get a boost ob that play or some shooting boost for a few games.

Team chemistry would be awesome. Like players from the same team/draft/ get boosts on some stats and plays. A bit like duos, but for the whole team and without gem colours changing. Just slight boosts. You could even go so far and reward theme teams (coach and players from a certain year with the right courts and jerseys). Recreate the 2011 Mavs with the right Coach, starting five and jerseys you get a boost by 5 on some stats. Add the right 6 Man, get a boost by 6. Add the correct bench and you get a boost by 8.

I’d also love to see cards “improve”. Like when I have my Kobe always shoot from the right elbow, he develops a hotzone there and has a higher 3 from that Spot. When I sell the card, it has different hot zones then the same Kobe card from that guy, who always shoots middies and dunks like crazy with his card.

This way you get some level of unpredictability, because every player plays different and every card acts slightly different.

Addition to the the theme teams:

With the boosts, you also get some of their weaknesses. So you have to decide.

Out of Position should only be possible for maybe a quarter. So you have to choose when your PG Shaq backs down Muggsy.