How to group these guys?

  • PG: 99 Oscar, 99 Lonzo, 98 West
  • 98 TMac, 98 Vince, 97 Havlicek, 97 Allen
  • 98 Durant, 97 Pippen, 97 Erving
  • 98 Webber, 97 Bosh, 97 Dirk
  • 98 KAJ, 98 Kareem, 98 Shaq, 98 Russell

I have tried a few different things but nothing is really standing out. Any ideas?

NOTE: KAJ is not locked, so if it really would help my squad I could sell him and pick someone up. But no MT aside from that -_-

Length Wise: Lonzo, TMac, Durant, Webber, Kareem

Defense & Spacing to keep the opponent on his toes

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You’ll eventually split Oscar and Lonzo + one will be removed from your squad later :slight_smile:

Lonzo - Vince - KD - Webber (Dirk) - Kareem
West - Tmac - Pippen - Bosh - Hakeem
Russell as a joker pf. Sell rest if possible + Oscar is useless. J is meh.

You mean KAT instead of KAJ? 98 KAJ and 98 Kareem ? :slight_smile:

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Wade at PG over who you have listed, he is an animal there, his badging and stats make him a great player

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I already don’t use Lonzo… Currently I am running Oscar-Vince-KD-Bosh-Hakeem, and Pippen-Tmac-Erving-Webber-Kareem. I just listed the guys who I consider ‘usable’ at this point. Pippen at PG has been decent, maybe I’m not used to it but the lineup just doesn’t always click.

Honestly I would not use anyone you have listed at point( maybe KD but I don’t position push that far) , maybe West off the bench

And I like AD over Bosch

This is just my opinion though

If I was playing you I would attack Bosch and Vince immediately

Then do the same to erving and Webber when your bench comes in

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I would immediately switch Pippen and Erving and then replace Erving with West. Dr J is shit this year. He feels so clumsy and doesn’t move very smoothly. Misses many dunks to. Imo a very bad card. Not the biggest Oscar fan either but probably better than Lonzo.

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Dirk only feels good when he is a C btw. Most people play small ball in Sm nowadays. U can sell Kareem and use him as C as long as you have Hakeem.
Pippen is much much better at Pg when i compare him to Oscar.

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I agree to some extent. Dr. J is not an ‘unstoppable’ card as he has been in years past. But he is a great dunker, especially in traffic, and I have a diamond 3PT shoe on him so can drain from deep. And defensively he is not a liability. I just hate having locked him in, and not even using him in my lineup in favor of cards like 97 LeBron who, by all means is a better card, but feels crappy to waste all that value I invested in Erving.

Oscar on the other hand has been excellent for me all year. He does everything… score, dime, rebound (at least for a PG), defend. His release is slow but I don’t have any issue hitting wide open shots, and he gets to the line very often.

Agree, he is better at C. Thought about this but even when I first got Dirk I could never commit to him as a full time starting C or second unit C without a better all-around C. I’ve been cycling him and KAJ in my 2nd unit.

If I did use Dirk more and play him more and use him as my primary 2nd unit C – and sold KAJ – who should I be picking up and replacing elsewhere in my squad? I’m guessing on XB1 I’ll only get 150-200k for him right now.

EDIT: I guess there’s nothing wrong with cycling Dirk & Shaq as #2 C. Obviously Kareem is everything that Shaq is defensively & rebounding (actually better) but also has the shooting and size advantage. Getting rid of KAJ is a downgrade no matter who I play at C instead but I’m wondering what card I could go for in another position that really makes my squad much better…?

Oscar is somehow hard to use this year and he is not for me. If he is good for you, that’s great.
Dr. J was for me one of the worst cards compared to last year. I don’t know what’s wrong. Probably his BC is too low. He just doesn’t feel like a diamond Dr. J for me. He can still shoot especially with 3 point shoe but i didn’t like him. He was a major disappointment for me. His diamond last year was one of my favorite cards by the way.

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Oscar doesn’t have the Iverson, Kyrie, Curry handles of course. That wasn’t his game. If he did have them, and also had a nicer release, he’d probably be the best PG in the game by a very wide margin. Instead of beating guys off the dribble you have to use his muscle and post-scoring (85 strength is very rare for a PG). But he’s still only 6’5" so he’s not bullying guys like Magic can but you can still push them around a bit if you play him that way.