How to grind Madden and make money

I made over 200.00 playing Madden Draft, so basically i got the game for free and I have enough to buy Nba 2k20… You have to be decent at the game, Im a avg player, if I have to pick a playbook that I unfamiliar with, then Im screwed… Try your best to make it to the championship game, win that and you will get 60 Trophies, and a Redzone pack, you will also get 40k Coins for winning the championship… I always choose the Quicksell Redzone pack, that sells for (25k)

25k+40k, If you win the championship and 60 trophies which will add up, save it to buy 91 Von Miller for 2000 Trophies, Mine sold for 1 million a few days ago, thats 100 hundred there already . If you pull Power Up Tryere Hill, sell him soon as possible, i sold him 2x for 90k coins each… Now that I made enough, I will just play Play now h2h online, till nba 2k20 comes out… It took me since the lauch day to do this, so it only took me 5 days, I play 4hrs a day… goodluck!.. If you want to know the site i sold my coins to, Msg me, you can get 13.00 per 100k coins.