How to git gud

Need tips pls

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Focus on defense and translate it to easy fast break buckets. Also you can extend pressure and smother their best shooters in the settings


Watch RCA the great videos for offense. Can’t stress this enough, he has a wealth of knowledge that is useful for anyone from noobs to comp players.

Use a 2-3 hybrid defense.

Full court press when your regular defense isn’t working. Make them play your style of ball, be a pest, be a sweat, make them uncomfortable so they make bad decisions.


Scrim human beings. Don’t play mtu. Peeps get all hype bout there mtu records lots of scrubs out there. Play peeps with the plan to learn their offence and defence and what u like and don’t like

Simply going into games with a different mentality helps. Obviously you wanna win but take the game for what it is. Opportunity to learn actions and defensive schemes

Learn how to run a playbook so u have some money plays when the going gets tough

Learn a zone defense so u have another look to provide on d

Practice your jump shots in shoot around


@Sssnaps ill play you tomorrow if you’re free

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Can’t even hardly do that anymore, with most of these ass hats intentional fouling on fast break opportunities. 2k is too dumb to even put a functioning clear path penalty in their game.

I’ll see what my homework situation looks like, but I’m down for sure. Found my mic so we can VC. Do you mind teaching me a little?

If you’re running anything NOT 5 out, you’re wrong. If you have any players on the the court that can NOT shoot the 3, you’re wrong.

I’ve tried going old school, running motion cuts with a traditional big. That does NOT translate well in MTU at all and leads to many turnovers.

5 out with Giannis at C is my go-to sweat method. I’m not proud of it, but it must be done.


I mean Ben can’t shoot 3’s and he’s almost unstoppable the amount of people running Ben in 250k and he was dominating

Bro I though someone found me here. I enjoy trashtalking while playing 2k. I alway sing to guys gitgud gitgud gitgud gitguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud tryhardinoidu gitguuuuuuuuuuud. :slight_smile:

You need to excuse me I’m drunk


I stand corrected, you are right. Just gotta make the right defensive matchup adjustment so he won’t bully your PG down low.

But he’s so lightning fast, he’s 100X more useful than, say, Shaq or someone that can’t create space as easily and isn’t half as quick.

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Yeah, I haven’t played since 2k19 but was a top 3-4 player on the forum back then and played sim style. I’ll lab up a few good plays and find a good playbook/freelance and we can work something out for you. @raptorsbenchmob can vouch lol


Man’s ran a mean mean mavericks book back in the day

But awanz def has a game style that can transfer from year to year. He gives you good runs.

Just don’t look at the score lol


Start by changing that camera setting you play on

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Fucking agree. Drive tough.

What do I change to?

I play on 2kcam. 5. 5.

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What difference do camera settings make?

You want the best view of the court on offense and defense. On offense to attack the open space and be able to icon pass to the open man when the defense gets bent. The way your camera zooms in you can’t even see the court when you drive. On defense you want to cut off the driving/passing angles and you need to be able to see the whole court to do that effectively


The biggest difference in the world.

The right angle helps you so much with your release, at least for me. I know when the camera view is too close to the player, not only does it throw my rhythm off it also cuts 40% of my court off.

But listen to @raptorsbenchmob about scrims. Play someone who is way better than you a lot, and you’ll get way better way faster.