How to get ruby Cliff Robinson?

How do I grab this beast?

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Token market?

I think complete a collection from donination

Some kind of domination reward and he has a star so hes probably upgradeable to amythest

From all time dom. You get icon and association jerseys from each game

Thanks a lot! Still a long way… He’s a beast because he’s 6’11, fast, 84 three ball, great defense and rebounding, can play both PF and C.

U know once you get 33 stars u can skip to all time dom?

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No! That’s great!

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yea it says 33 stars to unlock 2nd and 3rd dom

He had slow releases last years so be careful what you grind for

I am starting to think that this Domination is a trap just like offline TT

Kemp JRich shouldnt be too hard. Idk if I can touch offline TTO tho, that’s way too long of a grind and boring

The way this game goes, I don’t want brick machine at 4 / undersized 5

True, but he’s still a threat to shoot with 84 and can put the ball on the floor a little bit… I am not planning to use him in PNF consistently, just to be a 3&D big man that can keep the opponent honest if they sag too much in the paint.

If he fits your playstyle then it’s perfect.

I’m just saying that he is not the meta

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