How to get pre order bonus

I just loaded up the game and dont see the vc or mt or packs I’m posed to get

I’m in the same boat

Like wtf


Me too. It said Good to Go after I put in the code and nothing added to my account smh

This shit sucks ass bro smh

Do we have to enter a code to receive Bron, Giannis and the vc/mt??

If we bought digital u dont think so

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Yeah so I didn’t get shit I’m sending 2k a ticket

Bastards are prob gonna take 2-3 days to answer like in the past

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I just sent one. Let’s see how long it takes. Apparently theres a live chat now but I cant get access to it

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Where’s the live chat ?

I can’t even purchase anything lol fuck

I’m just playing my career and I got -1 VC

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Yup it’ll happen

:joy: wtf

I just added all these animations to my cart, but can’t even check out. I’m gonna sit here till I can check our

I literally had 7k off my career and it disappeared lmao

Fakin 2k