How to get offensive rebounds?

Hey guys, I’m really struggling with challenges for Domas Sabonis and Antoine Walker where you need to get a certain amount of offensive rebounds in a game. How in the world can I make this happen? Do any of you have any strategies?

In triple threat offline send them to the hoop with triangle or y maybe after calling for a screen and then shoot when they hopefully have inside position against the defender. You can run lineups where they are the shortest player on your squad and hopefully the defender they get matched up against will be a guard and that makes it much easier for them to get an offensive rebound.

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In prior cycles with rebound challenges, best formula always seemed to be:

  • Play rebounder at the 5. If not possible this year, then assign rebounder to at least defend opposing 5.
  • Make sure you have weakest rebounders possible at other frontcourt positions.
  • Make sure to set Run in Transition and whatever is for getting back in transition on D, rather than Crash Boards. You don’t want your guards trying to rebound.
  • Run PnR and throw up a shitty shot with a shitty shooter as they’re rolling. Can try to slip screens early. If they have speed/accel advantage over their matchup, so much the better.
  • Do basically the same, but with Y-cuts, like @jamesh says. If you run something like Bucks Freelance, you can often get them opps to do baseline cuts and eventually squeeze into good Off-rebounding position.

And if you still need to win the game, make sure you mind the score. Don’t allow other team to get too much momentum, otherwise just winning game could be really tough.

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Play one game on easiest level. I used them at Pf or C and used zone defense. Just let them shoot, they miss and i grabbed all the def rebounds in 2 quarters.
On offense i spammed the 3s with Fox and Lewis and called the center for a screen. So the Pf went for the rebounds, Walker i think.
On easy he grabs them all.

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All the previous tips mentioned are good and work but to be more time efficient I would not play a 5v5 game just for a rebounding challenge. If you do other challenges at the same time ok but if only rebounding I would do it on TTOffline especially if its a taller player like Sabonis or Walker.

Just PnR on offense with target player as the roller and as soon as the roller is free under the basket shoot and switch to the roller and snag the board. And let them brick on defense.

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As soon as i let go of Y it passes to them. Is there a way to not pass?

Hit RT/R1 to cancel the Y-cut pass. Then use regular passing buttons, or hit it again to go to Icon Passing.

EDIT: Or in this case, cancel and then shoot.