How to get notified for locker code tweets?

What’s the best way to get notified for when the myteam twitter tweets the code? Do you guys just have push notifications for that account? Does that usually notify you immediately? Thanks!

Follow the Twitter account and yea turn on push noti.

Which account?


Couple of ways:

If you know they’re gonna drop a PD Locker Code, it depends on how your day might go by.

If you’re at home:

  1. Have a Twitter Account and follow Ronnie 2K and have Notifications on for 2K_MyTeam Twitter Account.

  2. If you’re on a Phone, download the MyNBA2K18 Companion App, sign in with your PSN & have the Locker Code screen open beforehand because the servers will be stressed.

If you’re on a Computer, download BlueStacks. It’s an application that emulates your computer to be an Android phone. Download MyNBA2K app and refer to Step 2

Sidenote: If you’re going the BlueStacks route, use TweetDeck. The site automatically updates the second tweets are dropped

  1. THE CODE DROPPED! Since you had the screen up already, type the code. People say it can be typed in lowercase letters but I don’t chance it, type it in all caps & include hyphens.

  2. If you’re quick enough, you get a Locker Code notification


Good advice, but letting you know that 100% doesn’t matter if it’s upper or lower case.


Code must be in caps and italic


No it doesn’t need to be in caps.


was being sarcastic …