How to get D ZRandolph?

Is it just possible through the vault from TTOffline?

Yup, only through the vault.

Chances are they drop a code one day with him in it, or put him on the wheel like they did doug and hagan

Out of all of the cards that have dropped diamond ZBo is what got you to break your 9 months of silence? :joy:

You gotta be his biggest fan.


Been lurking around a bit, but didn’t buy 2k20 before last week.


Should’ve checked your email first. A bunch of us got the game for free back in November.

How’d you get it for free? I got it at Black Friday for half price.

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What, how?


2K emailed out codes for the full game to certain former players that hadn’t purchased the game yet.

I’ve played close to 250 games and haven’t seen any of the players… With 1 token being the reward 99% of the time the vault actually opens.

But folks on here have played 10 games and hit for a player, so it’s really just a roll of the dice.

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Exact same experience. My boy get the game a week ago plays 15 games and gets ZBO. Meanwhile I’ve played 360 games and wasn’t even able to pull Mikan.

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There was a giveaway today for a free squid ink ball or something if you win 15 games of TTOffline, so I knocked them out. And on the 15th one, I pulled diamond Z-Bo :sunglasses: Gotta love a 2-for-1

I had no idea. First thing I thought was, “Damn they probably emailed me and I just ignored it because I thought it was spam.” Then I remembered they banned me in 2K19, and likely would not be inviting the Brown Shirts to play the game for free.

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Nah he’s my favorite player

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Theres a cpl steps to take. First if you still have a copy of 2k17 youre gonna wanna go ahead and pop that baby in. Complete the grizzlies historic collection and boom


Cuz ive had 0 luck getting the 2k20 version

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Wish I could post mine so one of you guys could have it. :frowning: I’m probably not going to use him