How to get around offballers?

Just faces two back to back 50 ovr god squads featuring new Bron that offballed

How to get around the AI Elite defender every time ?

You have to do other shit to beat it. There have been a lot of threads about what to do to beat with videos linked.

There is also supposedly a way to do your size up dribble and then go one way part way through that freeze the cpu defender…just search for it.

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I run plays and play post, also make players cut . If he off ball the post its really easy to force the foul and two ft, if not just change between fadeway, hook and up and under. Run Hand off actions works fine too i think

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Offballers are lazy creatures and they do it because they are bad on ball defenders. Try to involve them in as much action as possible. Force them to on ball or switch to another guy, doing that correctly over the span of a game takes effort and concentration both qualities that the average off baller lacks.
So do p&r, p&f, plays basically what Flores said.

Flow Freelance/any Freelance with a lot of off-ball screens + Hop Post Fades + PnR/PnF + Dribble Handoffs + Manual Cuts off of the guy they’re off-balling with + Patience - Frustration Shots = Off Ball Rage Quits

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Hold L2 while not moving.
Tap up on right stick.
While switching hands during size up animation, jam in R2 and the direction the ball is being switched to with left stick. (Right if ball is headed towards right hand, left etc.)

Freezes most defenders, AI or player.

works in MTU?

Yeah, just make sure you have space. Usually leads to an open drive. Any player that switches hands for size up though seems to work. Dr J, Manu, Worthy, Jeremy Lin all work, but PD PG is the best I’ve found for it.

I’ve noticed that the CPU defense is very susceptible to the post spin. ISO your best post player and go to work

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once you post down they start to onball. people offball due to those cheesy dribble animations that you cannot defend.

Post fade, post spin, post hook. Run plays. Pick & pop