How to evo Bill Walton

Hi Guys, i need some help. i might sound like a noob but i’m struggling to get the rebounds for bill walton evo. My centers keep stealing the rebounds and i need a way to do the evo. Tips would be much appreciated

Put him at Center


Use quick thru sts, assign the play to Walton and play him at centre, have a bronze point guard, run the play and miss on purpose, Walton will be in the middle of the key to grab the board

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But that goes against the META :upside_down_face::joy:


what about the sg sf and pf positions do i use good cards there or other bronzes

play on rookie in domination, put walton at the center, make your SF and PF small (doesn’t matter if the cards are good or not)

off ball with walton on defense, camp near the paint when they shoot run for the rebound

if your struggling with rebounds make sure to play 5 min qtr games and not 3 min, it’ll give you way more time

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Run him at center and use an undersized PF. I’d use PD Iguodala or like PD Paul Silas or someone of that size.

thanks for the tips much appreciated

I useless him at C and played Bronze PF and SF next to him. Wait till Walton gets in a good position down low and shoot a bad shot with either of the bronze players and I had 10 Rebounds by halftime easy.

Put him at PG for points and assist
For points shoot the 3 or post book
For assist run quick thru sts for another player and lob to him

For rebounding put him at Center and call quick thru sts and chuck a shot grab board or you can just sag off the opponent and wait for the board

From my experience with the Dwight challenges the quick sts play got me about 3 rebounds per offensive possession

Just put small lineup with him.

Just copy/paste what i wrote in a similar thread yesterday

Assign the Point guard and SG to the opponents PF and SF. Choose run in transition in the rebounding settings.

honestly bro just spend $6 on mt i just got him for 113k

Silver Nwaba at PF. 6,4 and pretty shit:)

The quick thru sts thing is good too not only for the rebounds, but if the player you pass to happens to make the shot, at least you get the assist.

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short centers
spud webb 5’7
westbrook 6’3


pf bronce solomun hill, 6’7 with 46 def rrebounding

and so on, there are some small bad rebounders out there