How to easily beat full court press off ballers

When you inbound the ball to your POINT GUARD, your shooting will always be two steps ahead of your opponents shooting guard when running up the floor. Pass the ball to your shooting guard when he’s clearly a step or two ahead of him and stay in front of him. Take a few more steps to the 3pt line and you will have a wide open three every possession given you make sure to position your shooting guard in front of his. Work every time.

Some people are really good about timing/playing that passing angle, man. I don’t think there’s any silver bullet, but I do agree looking to pass upcourt can get you easy points. The other thing I recommend is, if you manage to get past the guy who is pressing (usually a big man), put him in jail (LT+Up Left Stick) and then pass to the guy he was supposed to be guarding for an easy dunk or open shot.

Yeah that’s another good strategy. I just noticed as I was playing this guy (had two POTM cards) and my Chris Mullin was absolutely destroying him because his PD MJ was two steps behind him when they were running up the floor


That’s a great look if it’s open, yeah man.

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