How to do this 2 moves?

Idk if they are possible in myteam.
A video from your post - i would really appreciate if you could explain me how to do them if they are in myteam - or a move that’s close to this. Thank you

Hell nah lmao

That second move though…:rofl::rofl:


Is that even 2k20?

Crazy how unrealistic that move was

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WTFFFFFFFF 2k has changed way too much bro

that’s 2K15…


He hit him with some Smooth Criminal twinkle toes action. Lmao


The first glitched dribble full court walk in 2k20 i ve seen looked also super crazy and unbelievable to me.
Im not an expert in all this specific streetball dribbles but this moonwalk move 2 reminds me at the curry hesi escape (?) move.

So it’s not possible, ok thanks!

This how dumb y’all dribble glitchers (“tweening”) look

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dribble glitching is easy

the “moves” in the video could only be done by like 1 percent of the “2k16” playerbase

It’s easy but needs some practice to get the flow.
But it looks impressive to guys who don’t know it.

Are there other basic dribbles than behind the back, peekaboo and hesi you really need to learn in myteam?
Watched a lot of turtorials but couldn’t find something.

That second move looks like this


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You can use all the sizeup package on my team and be effective , definitive do it splash too and a lot of others .
But take some practice at the beginning , and we are almost in the next game eheh

Sometimes i cant follow, don’t have the knowledge a of all the stuff in 2k. I play myteam since 2016 but never went deep into the other modes

look bro…when i want to get better


Thanks i did it too. It’s too much unfiltered info.

there’s a chat…

ask a simple question…u can learn this immediately

I know that, thanks.
I watched tydebos stuff there.

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