How to counter cheesers, help yourself out

While 3 ball is extremely effective, sometimes it just wont go in, or even if it does, you become a lil predictable. Everytime i play cheesers who love to full court press, bump steal, offball, play passing lanes among other things i just dump it down to Duncan, some fake moves and they’re on the ropes.

One of the things people hate online is that you hold the ball for a longer then their small capacity brain can process, that makes them do weird stuff and get out of their own way.

When playing cheesers and all kinds of creatures online its all about messing up with them, take time outs and dont skip them, switch from man D to zone and if you can cover even few of their usual zigzags then thats a bonus already.


Quick Flash Pausing the moment you dunk is very effective, 80% the time i do it my oponnets get extremely mad and starts doing dumb stuff


Preach, Knezius Christ!

Just learn how they play. Once you understand what they do and force them to do something else, they are lost.

You have to understand that if they do that it’s because they aren’t efficient enough when they get out of their usual plays. Once they have to find something else, 90% of cheesers lose

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Some people did that to me, makes sense now. I congratulate em later in the game for the only dunk they had and celebrated with that pause lol. Game ends 44-23, kid has 1 dunk and flash pauses that while score difference is 10+. I slow the game usually and sometimes to a shot clock violation level on purpose :closed_lock_with_key:


I do that too!

When they score after a long time I pause :joy:

Dont skip the timeouts is the key against them.

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I pause when they make an incredibly stupid shot. That’s just me being easily annoyed.

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Sometimes these strange people you are describing will play extremely well for a quarter or two and then once they realize they aren’t going to blow you out by 30 their brains can’t handle it. They start taking contested threes and get called for reach in fouls then quit.


I usually try to wear them down, slow the pace and take only good shots. I need to be very efficient to counter high volume of threes. It’s very hard to win if they manage to make 15+ threes and it’s not going in on my end.

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You can take nice amount of 3s yourself thru plays? Thats what i do :slight_smile:

Flop on the inbound work good too…

Yeah the timeouts thing is good. I don’t usually run them all the way down, but I make most defensive adjustments in that menu vs the pause menu and can tell it frustrates others. I also like to let my pre-dribble routines play out for only the first free throw. Was to annoy cheesers at first but now it’s a habit that helps me relax