How to check pack odds?

How do you check the pack odds? I have seen others do it and just wanted to see

they’re pretty much meaningless

So you can’t check them through the game? I thought I saw someone check the odds in the pack market section of the game

Just save this SS. It’s the margin of all packs except the base packs ( 2,9 percent on top cards ).
You can check the web, top tier cards are under 1 percent most of the time.

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I’m sure the odds of diamond contracts is nil.

Ahhhhhhhh - go to the pack. Then press triangle on ps4 / more info image

2K posted odds probably aren’t real if we’re being honest.

less than <2% seems legit for a diamond or above. it could be 2%, or it could be .001% (which is likely closer to the real number)

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There are some margins in the web, from 500-1000 packs. There are some with 0,0😂

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I completed Rodman set with a 20 pack. It was 2017 last time this happened i guess :joy: back then, with 2x20 packs u usually miss 1 card or complete 9+ player sets if you were a bit more lucky. Odds getting worse every year, more often you open, more you play etc…

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Well today was good for me as well, tried pulled 3 White Derozan and 2 Zeke out of 20 MT-packs.

Also Ruby coaches and good badges… Was a win this time. Would like to get Rodman but not for this price, so i sold them all…

Congrats on the worm - is he good?

this shows that deluxe league packs are a scam

Def not worth it :cold_face:

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Oh good to know, thanks - was bored and close to finish the set.