How to call quick plays in 2K20?

In 19 pressing L1 put up icons to run plays for specific players, now it brings up a menu, I’m trying to run isos for Doncic, and post ups for Hakeem

press l1 then r1 i think

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This new playcalling scheme is driving me a little nuts. Why would they require more buttons for the same actions?

And how can I call an icon pick? Had it in the demo can’t figure it out now.

Thanks. This playmaking is crazy. Trying to get used to this game. The cpu is way better at defense

Icon pick I still can’t figure out. Waiting to hear on this one. I couldn’t do it in the demo either though.

L1, R1, icon

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Do you guys think this was to make it harder to spam plays/pnr or so they could add in these new quick actions?


You can set it to pull up in the that menu, but u gotta do it before every game

Yeah, the extra step to get to “positional” plays seems silly. Definitely going to take some time to get used to it all.

My best remedy to this would be put play calling on auto, I’m using the same playbook as last year so I know all the plays, as soon as you inbound the ball, they should be calling the play for you to run automatically

It’s one extra button. Give it a couple days and it will be muscle memory again. It’s .002 seconds to hit a 2nd button.

We all hate the new in game menus, and then we all get used to them.

I think they are moving in the right direction, with the customization they are allowing. Pick your 4 freelances, assign plays like play now, and custom quick go to plays I think?

These menus will be better this year IMO, once we get them down.

U right, but we ain’t trying to hear that right now lol, we trying to grind and we need familiarity when shit get tough lol


I’m getting used to it in dom and this is actually pretty great. Annoying you have to set it up each game but I can lpick my 5 money plays, assign them to a specific guy and have them as quick action buttons. Pretty awesome

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You have to do it every game?

Looks like it so far…let’s prsy there’s another solution l

Im about to dive into all these settings until they fix the dom cpu difficulties

What do you mean fix difficulties?

Make onball defense better, the onball guard on guard is a blow by every time

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I don’t have much trouble guarding on ball, I just give everybody space and dare them to take the jumper, I will lean towards the open side and try to force them to drive on the side my big is where he can help when they attack the basket

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