How to call for off ball cut?


Need this in my bag for when I’m getting offballed all game. Anyone care to explain how this is done?


Left bumper, press the button of the player you want to cut, press the ‘cut to basket’ button.


What about TTO is it possible?


Never knew about that way. I just hold Y / Triangle and aim towards who I want to cut then release the button once they’re at the basket.


use left stick to target player you want to cut
hold Y -> release to pass
tap RB to cancel the pass or X+Y to fake pass

or call a cut thru the playbook but i think this is most effective for what you need


I never knew how to cancel the pass so I always just faked it if my player decided that he didn’t want to cut. Thanks for the tip.


you can also call the player he is guarding for a screen, cancel it midways, pass to the guy cutting to the basket


How to cancel screens?


The thing about holding triangle/Y is that you can’t throw the lob. That’s why I like icon cutting, hit em with that alley oop when they’re sleeping. Plus you never send the wrong player on the cut

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i think you press the call for screen button again to instantly make him roll? im not sure right now, didnt play for a while

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you can, you hit Y -> RB -> YY

if you point your left stick it shows an icon under who you will be sending on a cut


Interesting. Might give that a try. Although I think my muscle memory the other way might be too strong to change up lol


Yep just tap the screen button again before he sets the screen to cancel and start rolling


Ah that is what I was missing. I generally hold the screen button down until they are set. Didn’t realize you could just tap it.


Yeah, depending on how the defense plays PnR, you can really tear people up by slipping screens early