How to buy MT without being banned?

Furthermore, who’s got some for sale.

  1. Find a supplier
  2. Setup a transfer process
  3. Send payment before MT transfer if supplier is reputable
  4. Don’t open 2K Support tickets
  5. Every chance you get, post your PSN/GT for people to see.
    If you follow these steps, you’ll be golden.
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Don’t listen to him lmao he’s fucking with you. Honestly just be Lowkey about it and if you do buy make sure the person is reputable and has vouchers. They’ll walk you through it. (Don’t listen to the last part, everything else awanz said was true my bad)


Infiltrate the dealer find the supplier


But if we find the supplier first, we don’t have to worry about the dealer.

Yeah Lol don’t post your gt or psn rest was good info

There’s snakes everywhere don’t let anyone see your gt if you do anything that can warrant a ban from 2k

I’ve sold some MT this year with no ban problems.
I did it buying rubies for 24,950 each. Takes a bit more work this way and not a guarantee, but seems like it keeps you under some magic threshold. I have more MT to sell since I quit MyTeam, but even being conservative it’s not worth it for me at current prices since I don’t want to be locked out of the other game modes.

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Don’t conduct this sort of business on this forum as it is against 2K TOS & EULA. 2K Support constantly observes this forum, and you do not want to break their user agreements.


Same here bro, i quit selling when prices went to shit and gonna lock cp3 soon.

As for OP i did rubies 50k prior ban wave and 3 rubies for 2x 33k and 1x 34k. Also make sure bid price is some random Like 16.7k so other people wont hijack your deal.

Yes, lets pour in money to a scaming scum company, rather. People got banned for 2 weeks mostly and still kept their MT

I heard @Goblue is selling

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If you’re xb1 I’m selling.

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If you’re scared, go to church

Or equip a bronze shoe


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Y’all better listen to @DaNali do not do it. We are speaking from experience.

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