How to best use diamond Kawhi

Is there any plays that utilise him best

honestly he kills in isolation for me, i put ankle breaker and when he triggers the blow-by its usually a nasty dunk.

Just get him in a triple threat on either wing and iso or pnr/pnp with your big. Other than that use him to D up you opponents most common ballhandler and get pick pockets leading to dunks. I don’t force it to him though.

Imo the best is if you not rely your offense on him. Just shoot the threes if he is open.
And of course the fast breaks after a steal or a smart double team by him.

^ This. I hide Kahwi on offense with this lineup:

He’s averaging more rebs, steals, and blocks than points. Still, he’s hitting 50% from 3. Very solid.

I have mj kobe kawhi Malone and Howard as my current line up

I sold MJ and Malone. I love them both, but Malone is too small for me at 4 and MJ makes me play poorly by forcing offense with him. Better to avoid him… :slight_smile: I feel the temptation lingering though!

I’m tempted to sell him and kawhi to try go for pd mj

PD MJ is well over 1 million still. Good luck!

Post up and pass out, iso, ball handlind duties.

He’s cheaper on Xbox at current When I have 300k but I think I’ll just wait