How to be better?


So I’ve had the game for 1 week (PS4). I’ve been starting each year around Xmas. Im typically probably middle of the pack skill-wise. I’ve done 12-0s. But not consistently.

-small fries are OP
-blowby is back
-most online games are just run n gun snore fests

What are some of the tactics to defend the blowby? It seems like its either easy layup/dunk or they draw a foul. But guys like AI and Ja dunking over 3 lockdown defenders seems a little over the top.

How do you control the pace?

How do you defend the snatchback 3 cheese?

Overall, im pretty impressed. The things mentioned aren’t nearly as bad as previous years. I like the level system. Seems like 2k amped up rewards which is nice.

Thoughts? Advice?

Current squad
Stockton/Amy CP
Reddish/Amy Gerald Wallace
Diamond AK47/Amy Siakam
Amy Ibaka/Thon

(Got Connie from Ascension board last night)

I have a solid reserve of MT. But I find myself struggling when I use a better squad because I’m getting matches that are more god-tier.

Run m2m or HCP with an occasional trap. Same as every year.