How to avoid opals?

Does anybody know how to avoid getting matched with teams with hella opals?
I run an all diamond squad with a few pink diamonds, why the heck am I getting matched with dudes with 8-10 opals.

These dudes aren’t even good, they just get bailed out by how OP each opal is :sob:

Side note: why the hell is DRob doing cross over step back 3s in my centers face?

This the 3rd month in a row that I didn’t go 12-0 after getting it every single month in the beginning. Tf do I do ?

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Pay me to go 12-0 for you. PS4?


Simple. Spend money. That’s all they want you to do. They don’t care about anything else, my man.

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You can try shortening your rotation to 5-7 players with bronzes filling out the rest of the bench, but there’s always a chance you’ll run into a much better squad. I wouldn’t worry about it anyway, there are plenty of cheap PDs on the AH that are comparable to David Thompson.

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8 man rotation with all the minutes assigned to bronzes.

It’s still not guaranteed though.

What does that do?

Don’t play MyTeam.

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cant avoid them.

Opals are becoming to common, probably won’t be able to avoid them during all 12 games

It’s Opal Season.

I’m sitting on 3. Looking to add more.

Lowers the overalls your team matches up with.

Also matches you up with super sweaty players so it’s not a great 12-0 strategy.

Put an emerald in your top 8. Then 3 bronze on the end. Adjust minutes to lower overall. Should do it

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