How to avoid equaliser?

I’m wondering if there is a way to avoid the equaliser, or the “better” team will be equalised no metter what?

How many diamonds do you have in your starting lineup and how from the bench?

Any team will be “equalised” no matter what. It’s about managing your experience with the game. You can’t win too often so you don’t get bored. You can’t lose too much either so you don’t get discouraged. I don’t think the quality of your team matters that much if at all. However, if you go on a longer winning streak, you can expect to be hit.


Easiest way to avoid it is not play supermax lol

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That’s right. The only way to avoid the equalizer is to quit SuperSweat. I got equalized against a god squad last night. They shot 75%! I was on a 6 game win streak.

Forgot to add: I was 20 points away from Diamond Tier too. 2K knows what they’re doing!

Yeah I was on an 8 game winning streak, going to 20-8 and just made diamond. Got equalized big time and dropped to amythyst. Then won a few game and made it back to diamond. I think I’m going to stop. I’m not close to getting pink diamond and I don’t care for DeAndre Jordan so I’ll take the 8k MT and play something else.

Same here i started out 18-4 and as soon as i got to diamond went on a 6 game losing streak. Like unreal. Missing everything nobody can catch passes or when they do they morph to the out of bounds line n catch it for the turnover. Brickin dunks. Losing to guys in saphire league. Its ridiculous.

15 points from Diamond again. Bricked a wide open 2 handed slam with Kareem!

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I had been using guys like 97 Ray Allen, 98 VC, 95 Boogie, 97 Lebron etc some of the older diamonds. Changed my lineup to mostly throwback playoff rubies kept 97 Lebron, have just a couple playoff amy’s and mircaulously I’m winning again, and against full diamond/god squads.

Pretty sure they just nerf the older cards forcing you to get some of the recent releases. All the rubies that have HOF badges now are crazy for me.

How the fuuuu are you supposed to play against a ruby team who shoots 78% from 3??
His damn J.R. Went 9/11… it’s disgusting