How to avoid Demi God teams?

Hello guys, my team is basically rewards pink diamonds and diamonds. Is there a way to avoid ultra millionaire teams ? If I pick like 80% rubies and amethysts, will I play against regular teams ?

PS: I’m on pink Diamond tier on unlimited

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I can be a 79 overall and be matched up with 87 team lol.

It is all skilled based matching . So if ur good ur gonna sweat . I play against Payton teams literally every other game .

Try a super low overall ….with nothing over ruby

Nothing. I have a really good squad and I match up with budget squads and cheesers with all golds and one PD all the time.

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It’s totally random, SBMM isn’t a thing.

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Whenever win % drops (prolly under your avg) you start matching with lower overall teams. This is what happens to me at least. Loose 2-3 games, after it turns into limited somehow.

I agree. I got Payton yesterday …and I do think running a super low overall is the move like a mix of just sapphire and ruby 5 man squad . But you will face teams better than you …just no god squads

It has to be certain ruby and sapphire . Eg Eric snow won’t work …

Last year , me and a friend basically took all the theories we’ve heard into practice and I found that running a 77 overall team almost guaranteed that you will not face anyone higher than that, I would say this was the case about 90% of the time , but only if you let me he engine search for under 8 secs , as soon as you let it ‘‘roam’’ past 8 secs , these rules went out the window and you could be matched up with anyone …so far this year as far as I can tell it works as well, but it seems the window of time you need to adhere to is much less than 8 secs…I’ve had some success at 5 secs…if it doesn’t match you up with anyone at 5 secs , back out and let it search again…post your results if you can, cheers for beers lol…also the guy above me is correct…last year some pink diamonds had less of an effect on team overall than certain rubies even…so you basically just have to plug and play with the lineup to figure out the best combination for you to use …this is going to be different for each user …1 more thing I would suggest is have atleast a few usable guys off the bench , esp this year since if you’re guys are tired , they perform much worse than last year


My experience at 78 or lower is you will get matched up with people at 84 or 85. Some aren’t that good tho .

And you will face once in awhile people doing same thing that are good . But still better than playing Payton god squads all the time

Do you mean this year or last ? Last year, it was particularly at 77, as any higher didn’t have nearly as much of a chance to get matched up with anyone higher than a single point better overall team that you… so I started with trying 77 this year, and like I said it seems to work on a pretty consistent basis as long as you don’t let it “search” for longer than 5 secs from what I’ve seen so far this year

I’ll go with 10 sapphires and still facing guys with Pink diamond currys, klay, Moses Malone, Vince carter……I just gave up after getting to Amy level

I did read about 77 is the magic spot lol.

But 78 worked okay for me….I can beat people with slightly better team me but usually get matched up with 79 to 85

But those with 84/85 aren’t that good at the game .

It is the mofo with one PD and around 79 to 81 that are problem and/or a few good Amy’s

Im talking this year. I didn’t have to overall cheese as hard last year lol. I got away with 84/85 cheese last year. I give it around 30 seconds max

Are you sure about that? I can pretty much confirm past few years is definitely SBMM.

You will face good players …just not god tier teams .

78 or lower is my recommendation so certain ruby and sapphire only ….and low gold . I used a ruby coach .

It doesn’t seem to be working for me because I play vs more bad players than I do great players and I win most of my games.

So if you use your best squad you don’t match up with Payton players once out of 3/4 games ? If so you are lucky lol

I went 12-0 to get payton…

My lineup
Chris Paul - Ruby - Turns into a Amt duo with booker, wont count as overall team rating
Booker - Ruby
Jeremy Lamb - EM
Porzingis - EM
Gold Bench
(80 overall team rating)

Faced players that were noobs that had Free Agent and Starter player cards… Faced a few that tried to do the same overall team matchup…

The reason i choose this lineup is because im doing my LifeTime Agendas…

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A bunch of guys have Payton and aren’t good at the game because they’ve paid someone to grind for them.


I back that up. I completed PD League with 91 ovr team and every opponent of mine had Gary Payton except one. Some of them were playing really bad and quit after couple of mins.