How to attack

How do you run your offense? How do you find open space?
I have noticed that when I’m against an opponent similar to me or stronger I can’t find an open man so I have to dribble or go in post. Then my opponent can easily score. In some matches I’m not able to consistently run offense

Try to learn branches in different series… basically it’s just plays that are naturally called for you… some are repetitive and easy to read but if you can learn 4 of them you’ll have different looks, plus it has 5out in it if you need the cheese

I seen FFLIghto go on a 65 game winning streak using Fist 5 Out 11 in the Magic PB.

Been using that for a good month in a half now and have no trouble scoring. I set it as my 4th play and tap L1-L1 every time down the court even on fast breaks and its like the red sea parting. So much space and so many options.


I will be testing this play/playbook for sure. Sounds sweet. I’ve been meaning to find a new way to get a 5-outish look for a while. Haven’t looked for one since that patched freelances a while back.

How doest that play work? Is it a 5 out PNR or does it have more branches?

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Try it out it has some good 3 point plays as well.

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is this the current magic playbook?

First of all, spend a good amount of time learning the PNR and every read that comes with it. I spent the first months doing so and barely running any play because I wanted to learn all the dribble moves I can use to take or reject a screen and make the most out of it. PNR is the most basic offense and often the most effective.

After that I use some plays in the Knicks pb that are simple but start my offense and get me in a flow. For example I have a simple pindown, and that simple play leaves me with three options, I can take the three, turn the corner and drive to the rim or call for a twist screen going to the side I came from.

Avoid long plays with a set outcome, look for plays that kickstart your offense and let you freelance and read and react.


5 Out PNR. Its one of the few 5 out looks post patch where they stay in a 5 out the whole time.



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I’m using the blazers pb, but plays takes too long e ppl almost everytime can close my shooter. I’ll try a new pb and see if it works better. Thanks for the advice.

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I agree. I moved on from Blazers PB for the same reasons.

Pick & Roll is my bread and butter . Play around with it like @Fra44 said & always keep your opponent guessing . i.e sometimes don’t go the way the pick is set , alternate between roll vs pop and keep ballin

Ill add this nugget.

Try using 2k Smart Play it lets the CPU picks the play for you based on matchup and certain situations.

Your opponent won’t have any idea what’s coming if you don’t even know. Works really well this year.


I use PnR a lot but i need to improve it because many times I can’t find space.

I’ll try it for sure.

Run 5 out then pick and roll , this what I run with Harden and AD , crazy spacing and the opposing center has to come all the way out to the 3 line on a fade which allows for easier penetration or gives opportunity for a drive and kick