How the hell do you guys go 12-0

I seriously can’t go 12-0 to save my life and I know 100% it’s all on me as a player. I can’t stop simple pick and fades. My players always come and play help defense which leaves the opponent wide open. I got the team, I just suck. Any advice?

yes pay @OGxSuave to go 12-0 for you


heres his thread

Defensive settings. Set your PG to go over or under screens & off ball w the big to cover the drive or fade.


Set it to no help might work also.


Lmao is that what the the “2k champion “ is gonna suggest really ?


Get players that work with your playstyle, not necessarily the best available. Matchups and defensive settings can also be key.

Just take it one game at a time, if you get frustrated it’s better to try again later instead of trying to push through


Or bring the double team & cover 2 guys w someone quick w long arms (Giannis, Pippen, Magic). Theres a lot of things you can do. Try them in friendlies & see what works before you grind 12-0 again.

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Quick and dirty method is stay attached for everyone

idk bro ask him

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I never tried for 12-0 and my squad is pretty fine. I feel like 2K nerfed the POTM rewards. Sure in the beginning, Finley was a beast. But at this point, is Dr. J really that special? I mean is he really THAT much better than some of the <50,000 MT budget beasts (Di B Roy, Amy Hedo, Amy Porzingod)? I never used Dr. J so I don’t know but I do not suspect that he is THAT much better than these guys that you can get on the cheap.

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What r you chattin bout what’s the secret technique lmao

change your d settings and post up , dont try to out shoot ppl


Buy Kingdom Hearts III and play that instead. Better experience that way

For real though, learn a playbook. Find a few money plays and just spam them every possession. Don’t just have one play because you’ve gotta switch it up, but run plays, spam PnR and PnF, and offball and 12-0 is no sweat. Well, there is still some sweat, but you’ll most likely win.

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Also on the pick and fade it’s better to give up 2 than 3. A contested layup/dunk probably has just as good of a chance of going in as a contested 3

Facts only

and on the pick and fade note OP if he’s been burning you with the pick and fade , as soon as you see him set the the pick switch to your low defender and make sure his man is in front of him and :boom:


Try to play next week when all the cheesers settle down after getting dr J.

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Smother and deny ball for players like PD roy and hedo. Most players just try to chuck up threes the entire game and can’t adjust when that cheese doesnt work. One dimensional players live by the 3 and die by it.

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January released some OP ass cards man. Every matchup I play is a guy that makes shots from halfcourt. This game got too out of hand with the 3pters.

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