How the f!

This is the how the fuck?

Like I’ll start here: How the fuck can someone play 5 guys the entire game in unlimited and barley miss all game no matter the defense>?

I’m gonna move on after this year and put this nightmare game behind me

Think the tireless shooter badge plays a factor, but if you time your timeouts right you can get away with it , fatigue ain’t too bad this year

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he never used his timeouts

T-mac is a weak ass card

he used steph curry 97 and 98 wade, i could shut down wade but curry was fucking stupid

It seems no matter how hard i try i find some crazy game where i can’t even move like im lagging. I have a 1.2 g connection

Some dude absolutely cooked me with a 5 man spotlight sim rewards lineup last week. He shot 17-24 from 3 and greened every one of those makes. I was in awe. Just nothing I could do and I consider myself a pretty decent defender. And PD Steph was his PG

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