How the F is this possible? [2k18]

I played against a placement league amethyst team just now and I had 13 defensive and 1 offensive rebound while they had 14 defensive and 13!!! offensive boards.
It’s impossible to beat a team when they rebound every missed shot. What is this? Never had such bullshit happen. A clearly weaker team and not a very good player but he beat me just thanks to this shit. What the hell is the point of having 100 HOF badges in my team if an amethyst Kobe dunks on everybody and hits contested threes?
I was having a pretty good time lately in 2k18 supermax but this is insane.

That, my friend, is called the equalizer.

Tldr sorry :grin: ‘k18’ —> run forrest run!

Equalizer and algo i promise is much worse this year. You can’t be comfortable with a 20 point lead in this game at all.

Also Gold Mo Bamba might be the best center in the game.

I disagree. I haven’t felt it at all this year. If you can play simulation basketball, you will win. All the old cheesers are getting exposed this year.

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I second this^

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Yeah Idk man. It just seems that stats don’t mean shit at times. And I have used sapphire Tmac in offline challenges. I’m telling you, he feels excactly like PD. Sure, his shot is not as consistent but it’s like he’s excactly the same otherwise. Btw, did you guys know that emerald Vince Carter has all the hot zones except that one middy spot? Like what the hell.