How TF is the new PD harden under 100k?


Dude I have no idea. The market is so weird right now

is he? I should’ve sold him last night :frowning:

Why not, ill be more than happy if cards are cheap like now

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Just paid him 94k on PS4, it’s almost a freaking snipe

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May copy you lol

Still can believe it, this card is godly, can even defend a little bit and it’s almost cheaper than amy Kobe

Saw heaps for under 90. Weird as

Market is silly right now, got a Harden Vol 3 shoe from TTO Offline which sold for 80k then got the new Diamond Giannis for 113k.


I got (PS4) PD Harden for 100k and the new Giannis for 119k about 12 hours after release and thought that was a great deal … Oh, and thye new Siakam for 28k

Hopefully their prices go back up after they’re out of packs. The Harden may be the best offensive guard in the game.

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How’s the price of the Spotlight diamond Harden been in the last days, instead?

Still not BIN on Xbox, ending between 100-120k.

Thats a good thing, you want cards to be over 300k?

He has no defense

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Nope, but i mean, he’s the best offensive card in the game, in my modest opinion should cost at least 125-150K

Just got one for 94k.

ok so now he is around 140k on xbox, wtf

I saw 4 giannis at bin …yesterday ps4

I was saying the same thing. The first moments set we get a pink diamond, three diamonds and two Amy’s. And the set is cheaper then the other sets. I got a harden with contract and shoe for 170 and he going for so cheap I don’t want to sell and get less for him. But I sold my extra one for 140k the day after packs was out but it like he price is getting lower and lower. This card is op , Pascal is too with 7 hof badge but his price flocked the same day. I just knew the first pd harden will be around 180k .

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