How Tf are yall getting these rebounds with dirk?

How Tf are yall getting these rebounds with dirk?

Most I can get is 11, how are you guys doing this?

5 out, call him for a pick n roll, take a terrible shot. Usually he gets the board.


Just finished it now and had to manage the game to force it to 2 OT’s. He’s too slow and got called for 3 defensive 3 secs.

On defense (I’m alone with this technique but it works super nice): 3-2 zone and control the C just that he won’t steal the rebound from dirk

On offense: quick thru sts for Dirk, take a bad shot with your PG once dirk is running to the rim, switch to dirk, rebound the ball…

I used Ruby Dirk and had 27 rebounds


How do you call quick thru sts for dirk? every time i call it with him it just calls it for the pg

You can designate the player cutting under the play settings. On Xbox hit Y and highlight Dirk as the target.


…yes this is a complete sentence


Play Drik in 5 n use Quick thru sts. It work but rmb don’t lose to much point it hard to chase if they lead alot :rofl:

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Put the play in on the offensive settings from the nets playbook, press Y to assign the play to Dirk…

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Oh yeah, that too, I put Dirk at C and went with Siakam at the 4 and another PF with D- in rebounding

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I said forget this one. Dirk is too slow for me. I got him to Amythest and put a shoe on him and he just moving like a turtle. Kg at sapphire move faster then him. It like either the ball to over your head or everybody out rebound you. By time u push the jump button somebody already got it. Like at least it should of been 10 rebounds. I sold everybody inn the set and moved on . Hopefully the next spotlight be a pg or sg with no dang 19 rebounds to win games. You lose the game throw up shots and miss yo get him to rebounds and he miss grabbing 90 % of the time. The ball fell right in his face and another player got it like really.even with the plays it’s all about timing and getting lucky .

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Well it’s not surprising when he has biceps like these.


Trenbolone is a helluva drug


You gotta put a bronze at PF and him at C. 5,out PNR.

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I’ll put a vote in for Dirk at the 5 with a bronze PF. Cwebb will take it to Dirk at the 4 and you’ll be playing too much defence on him to get the rebounds. Also use a coach that boosts rebounding, preferably a defensive coach and players with clamps on the wings to make them miss. I did it with the ruby in 2 attempts.

10 rebounds in the first quarter doing it.

This challenge is ridiculous. Yes, there are ways to cheese it (although I haven’t been successful yet), but there’s absolutely no way to play the game straight up and get it done, which is dumb. I could see them changing this to a lower number like the Wade rebound challenge (maybe 10 or 12).


Meanwhile in 2K Headquarters

2k employee: “Hey Ronnie, should we change the rebounding requirements for this Dirk challenge?”

Ronnie2k: “Nah it’s fine.”

2k employee: “But aren’t we getting a bunch of complaints about this challenge?”

Ronnie2k: “Nah, in fact let me show you…”

Ronnie2k pulls mjs4p’s quote

Ronnie2k: “See…”

2k employee: “Isn’t this a complaint?”

Ronnie2k: “What, no. This user is saying how ridiculously easy this challenge is. In fact we should ramp it up to 41 rebounds to give our users more of a challenge.”

2k employee: “But Ronnie, won’t that piss off our customers?”

Ronnie2k: “No it won’t. In fact, we’ll give them a great (terrible) limited time offer if they are unsatisfied.”

2k employee: “Alright Ronnie, I’ll make the changes.”

The next day, mjs4p wakes up and turns on 2k20 to see the new changes.

mjs4p: “Finally, now this Dirk challenge should be much easier. Thank god I don’t have to do 19 rebou-…”

mjs4p sees the requirements has changed to 41 rebounds

mjs4p: “F*** my life.”


:laughing: :joy:

Nicely done!

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I played him at the 5 and had Ojeleye at the pf (42/65 rebound). Then I just off balled with Dirk while baiting the cpu to shoot threes

What level you got Dirk at? Try and get him to amy first if possible, it’ll help. If you’re at ruby chuck a gold rebound shoe on him