How slow is ruby shaq

Yeah he’s got like 47 speed which ain’t that great but is this shaq any different than the amy reward shaq last year? I used that after the asg and it was pretty good, was a end game card for me and seemed fast enough.

Mtc has no stats on the card so I can’t compare

2kmtc has the stats up there

The Amy has 55 speed so pretty close.

Its not that his speed is bad its just his stamina will be orange from running the court once

why is this card always so expensive? even when it was high voltage locker code day he was like 20k

only wondering for collector level

Well , have ever seen an old lady with a Walker? She would own him lol

Is it really that bad to say he’s not worth the 10k-13k snipe? Cause the Amy could run the floor well last year.

I think there’s better ruby centers for less

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Name value most likely. It’s by far the cheapest Shaq so fans of him are willing to shell out a little bit more than they normally would for a Ruby card