How’s the grind for Bill?

So not really interested in any of the final season rewards. The game is close to done, not much left to do the only thing/player left to grind for is my guy Bill Russell. I would have got him if he didn’t drop right after a grueling grind for John Wall who I used for about a month. I was wondering though is the grind ridiculous and way too much work at this point in the game?

As a Celts fan I’d love Russell. He’s also got Rays base that shit is fire on Next Gen. I ain’t trynna sweat too much tho lol

grind is easy for me in current gen - except for that 11 or so rbs by james worthy


The good news is the general players available have made spotlight easier. The bad news is the 3 players you need for the last 11 games are locked and you have to use Worthy, Lillard and Butler. They will remain as hard as they were on the spotlights release


Not worth the grind imo, so many better C/PF available now for cheap that are better or just as good i used him for like a few weeks and now hes not even in my bench lineup


Not a bad grind but, as previously stated, there are now far better, cheaper options. AD and Bosh Inv both super cheap and arguably better than Bill.


rebounding challenges in the final stretch for bill were annoying but it was very fast and easy otherwise (on next gen). depending on your playstyle he could be anywhere from a top 15 to a top 3 card so i would definitely recommend it.

Are each of the games to 21 or are some to 60?

They are to 21 but you’re going to wish that James worthy challenge was to 50* it would be much easier to comlplete if it was

The grind was rather easy for me outside of 1 challenge. The 11 assists was the one I had to try multiple times. You could look up suggestions on youtube on how to beat challenges. The rebounds isn’t that hard once you get Worthy to rim run after a pick and roll and you try to miss a shot.

The time consuming part was winning the games prior to the final 11 challenges.

Just wait for Kukoc at this point about the same size and same Allen base

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You can but hof badges for butlel lillard and worthy now that i would think make last 11 games easier. I.e hof dimers amd reb chasers.