How’s Next Gen MyTeam?

How is it? Worth starting to play?



yes yes it is. on my ps4 it was terrible. unbearable. on next gen, its probably the most fun 2k basketball game in the past 5 years.
Graphics are good, gameplay is really good.
its just a fun game.


I only enjoyed 2k17 this much, beside nextgen.

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I’m really enjoying it, as well. Plays closest to real basketball of any 2K ever.


I have it since Tuesday and I can’t get used to it. Had to go back to old gen version to finish my Kawhi and McHale grinds cause I’m literally shooting 33% from 3 in every game on next gen :confused: Any tips how to shoot better?

Rebounds & 50/50 balls are pre-determined & you can’t do anything about it. Like, how the F is a rebound gonna magically fly into the offensive players hands when I have 3 guys crashing on all sides?Truly one of the most annoying things that’s been spanned across 2k for a few generations now.

All annoyances aside, still the best 2k since 2k11.


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The green window is so much bigger on next gen, so I guess just practice?

Easiest game to score ever , and if you like dribbling it’s boring
But I like the graphics and the environment of the game

Current gen is really bad. Next Gen is really good. Definitely worth playing.


I’ve heard it many times about this green window on next gen and I don’t see it. Are you shooting with the button?

Its really way bigger , you use monitor ?

Nah, old ass 37" tv from 2009. Maybe that’s the case. The delay feels much bigger than on the old gen.

Button + No Meter and I feel I have to go out of my way if I want to miss. Definitely an adjustment. Every release felt different than they did on current.

Probably is that , since I changed to monitor I’m fine with shooting . Next gen it’s the easiest 2k to shoot from the past year but the Tv probably is affecting you a lot

Does no meter makes big difference, cause I’m shooting with the meter right now to get used to the timing.

No meter will help you to shoot better specially on my team where you have master different kind of releases . It burst on the beginning but after some days you will never go back to meter

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For me it seems the hardest. It feels like old gen right after release, before shooting was patched.

On old gen right now I can take amy Jarrett Jack to TToff and green 6/7 threes. On next gen I green maybe 1/5-6. It’s brutal.

I definitely think so. After a while I promise you will come back and say shooting is too easy.