How’s Nash?

How is he, is he not worthy of a Pd tier? If I’ve got a bunch of budget players don’t want to make my team too OP. His price is so damn good though. I take it anybody with size will just eat him alive regardless of badging?

Walt is around the same price and is 100000 times better: amazing defense, easy release and good dunking

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If you put him on magic, simmons, or lbj hes gonna get cooked.

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Get Billups. He was locking down LBJ last night for me. Still gonna get cooked but can play defense if you have help

Billups is a monster. Best budget beast available :muscle:

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I just can’t stand his release no matter how good a card is if the release is bad I just can’t do it

Nash is zigzaggers dream. He can pull behind those screens with the best of them, something Walt is incapable of. He has (Walt) for me terrible release to begin with. Nash is pure offense so if you run it thru him and know how to he can be a huge weapon in right hands, otherwise i would not go for him, because you will give more than you get. In this instance just get Billups.


How about diamond Chris Paul?

Great addition to my all Canadian team. But other than that… Stick with Walt or one of the spotlight pds

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