How much y'all think hedo price will set at?

Thinking about picking him up if you be a decent price. Can’t do another Shaq price :grin:

Keep in mind there’s a lot of him up

Hopefully it flood the auction house so he can go for cheap.

Hopefully 250-300k. Jokic might go for more honestly.

Am with you on that price

Yeah, turkoglu is cool, but he is really just luka, no more than 275k. Jokic though, he could be 700k.

I don’t think he’s gonna be that much. There’s so many of him up. I was waiting for just a 2 minute gap between postings to put mine up but there isn’t one.

No more than 300K.

He’s Hedo and all, which in years past would have caused a market crash, but this year he’s just another circus freak in a long parade.

Price check on GO tmac?

Jokic has defensive trouble right? Hedo should be better

The only cards i want is hedo and jokic. Last time pink diamond glitch was cheap but this time it’s a 7 '0 point guard. He need a shoe with driving dunk to give him a boost.

Yao is 7 '6 but so slow when you got tacko and Shaq speed boosting. Just think if Yao was the glitched card