How much would you pay in MT for a PD Manute Bol?

I know 2k is a cash grab but theyd make a killing dropping cards theyd know people would go crazy for.

Could he top current TMAC as the most expensive card?

You know hed have like 75 speed too lmao

Just no

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they have a Pd Manute Bol, his name is Yao Ming



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Nah Bol a lil different.

Yao feels slow and clunky this year.

I would make it my holy mission to outbid every auction of him and quicksell them out of existence



I would join you in your purge

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What would make you think that a PD Manute Bol would be significantly faster than Yao

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Because 2k.

I he had an 80+ strength I would probably spend 150-200k

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The ruby Yao is faster than Sapphire 37 vs 26, the PD Yao is same speed as his Ruby so I doubt they would give him a significantly higher speed than that, unless we are talking July or so and all cards are OP anyways

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I was going to say zero, but he was a Sixer. So the unfortunate answer is whatever it costs.

I would neve buy that dumb card just like I would never bought hedo

To me, MyTeam isn’t fun playing with scrubs like joe Harris, manute bol and Bamba

It’s good that they boost those cards for variety, but for me personally, I always run a legends squad with a few new guys mixed in

Depends on his 3 ball. If its under 90, i wouldnt pay over 20K. If its over 90, i’d pay 100K+ depending on his other stats.

you mean…



Count me in for the purge.

Woooooooooo Amythest Manute Bol

2k reads these boards.

With Pop as my coach hes a Diamond/Pink Diamond.

Its over!!!

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