How much would you pay for a pack with 1 guaranteed diamond?

One pack, at least one guaranteed diamond. Could be any pullable diamond from the entire year. So, 98 KD, 98 Kareem, 96 Beal, 95 Morris, all of them in there. How much MT and/or VC would you pay for that pack?

Let’s assume pack odds obviously skew pretty heavily toward lower-OVR diamonds.

Would have to see what others pull first, if beals and tony nparker are in there then no.

30k max



They would still find a way to manipulate odds so that 75% of the time its a dinwiddie beal morris or tucker

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The market would crash and diamonds would be going for as low as 3,500 mt.

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You guys think they’d ever make PDs the new diamonds? Like 96 KD would be 120k because his PD would be 700k etc

they already have. Im expecting a PD KD Lebron Curry etc. If not a card, at least through a duo boost

Right, but I meant for like next year. Like the first step was auctionable PDs but could we possibly see a PD set reward AND an auctionanle pd within the set? I feel like that’s the next thing to make the game more aids. 2k19 we could be seeing 99 overall Marcus smart snipes.

I think they’ll keep it how it is, they’ve made alot more PDs this yr but tbh it doesnt matter to me 96 97 98 99, as long as they play good

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I’d say 200k VC. Really, toppers should just be guaranteed amy or diamond at this point.


I’d nothing since this would cause a huge market crash

Madden Ultimate Team has had legit toppers for years, sometimes it does affect the market but they vary the pack types every few days.

I can see PD LeBron causing the biggest market crash yet. PD MJ will probably drop to like 500-600k, same with bird.