How much will this gem go for? πŸ”₯


Less than PD Kobe


1m+ when come ethier 48hr snipe grind till i snipe him or consider spend in 1m


is he confirmed as the next ani card?

He not come in till like march

due to Hype on PD kobe, he will be like the most expensive card in the game :smiley:

If ever come …

This is 100k alone:



What? The fine he’d pay for not wearing the Swoosh? :joy:


I will sell one of my twins for GO Lebron


You better save the smart one, you’ll need to. Limited PD Kobe is gonna be hella expensive.

I have 1.3 million MT right now, and I’m willing to spend approximately all of it for GO LeBron. GIMME DAT

That Bron will go for 1M minimum

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Put same Lebron card with same stats in ah, both Pd. Headband version goes +70k - 100k i’m not joking and people claim headband plays better.

Hmm. Until we get word from 2K that this card in the anny set is in fact a GO then I am going with logic that this and the Kobe in the set are PD’s. But yeah over 1 million easy once GO Bron is released.

I’ll not sleep to snipe just 1. Then y’all can buy Leflop for a million. Suckers.

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Lol I’m not messing with Kobe once I get Lebron, he will be my last big purchase of this 2k

Yeah I remember last year people said the headband LBJ was as good as the PD. smh

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Knowing 2k tho, I feel as if they are going to nerf his ratings, going to look a lot like the PD Ghost Lebron but with a better 3 ball, but not as good as his moments, but I can’t wait to get a Lebron that can actually dunk on ppl, just like I can’t wait to get a Jordan with 95 speed with ball

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