How much VC would it take to start a competitive Park Player?

Thinking of making a player and checking it out. In order to catch up and get going ASAP how much VC would it take to create a player that would get picked up in games?

$50 to max out your player

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200k plus a week a or two to grind out your badges.

Yeah 200k but it’s your HOF badges that set you aside from the rest on the park

Nah it’s your IQ tbh


IQ plays a part too but 2K gives too much leverage with people with their HOF Badges

I mean it takes like a month of mycareer grinding to get them. Only hof badge I have on any player is C&S and I still brick off passes sometimes

Can you grind the badges by playing in pick up games with other players, or is it an offline grind?

You can grind in any game mode but the most efficient way is in NBA games

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You can but you’re going to be playing with randoms who most likely trying to score like Kobe. I would play the nba games and look up methods on YouTube on how to get your badges easy and quick.

Mycareer for fastest badge grinding but honestly depends on your build. If youre a sharp you’ll obviously want hof limitless before park, if youre a glass you can settle with silver hustle and earn the rest in park since youre barely gonna be against glass centers

I’d say get your squad and iq > badges. Learn to play sides and defending the double screens

Can you pay someone to grind out your player?

Yes. There’s youtubers who have it in their intros as well as buying accounts

Ebay to buy an account?

No I think you would hit up the twitter that they put in the intro