How much should I spend on DI Jordan w/ 3pt shoes and DI contract?

I have been waiting all year to get the GOAT. Is 95k too much to spend on this? Could score almost any other card for the same price.

Dont buy him yet,there is a chance we get a lockercode for him this month and his price is gonna crash hard


Ugh so close. Jordan Blue Balls. Thanks for the advice doe.

He’s been going for a 100k still as of yday who knows what pg13 has done to the market. At 95k, it’s a deal. He might not be the most dominant card, but definitely one of the most fun. His dunk package is so iconic and specific to him, I smile every time I jam one in.


He has some pretty unique defensive animations, too. I use his amethyst and diamond off and on, so I can’t remember which card it was, but one of those two bodied a dude & pushed him out of bounds, no foul call haha… only time that’s ever happened for me. Also his reward ruby is still viable (surrounded by diamonds) in SM as a ball-handler. All Jordans are legit, especially if you don’t need him to shoot.

If you can get that card at any BiN you will not be disappointed.

MJ with 99 open 3 is no joke.

Still my starting SG (over PD TMac).

I would suggest Kobe if you havent tried. I had MJ and it tore me to sell him but I knew that Kobe would be better all around and its true. This is only the 98 too. But I mean MJ is the goat so I dont blame you. Im almost certain we will get another PD MJ so his diamond should be even cheaper in the future. Kobe still has hof defensive stopper and posterizer like MJ but his shooting is way better. He still has crazy dunk animations too.

Diamond Michael is a dog bro pick him up you won’t be disappointed ima pick him and Pd pg24 up next week

There’s like 7 weeks left, get the fucking card and enjoy man!


Grab him n enjoy man, throw a silver shoe on him that boosts +6 open 3 and swb for 500 extra mt

Preeeaaaaachhhh. I did it. I splurged. Thank you gentlemen.

When I got him for 400 k first week, I was not disappointed , but he tanked for me recently and I had to bite the bullet and put him up for 100k, he was playing like booty for me , hopefully he better for you lol

I just sold my MJ 98 with shoe and contract for 90k and picked up pd Kobe nude for 125. I wasn’t completely satisfied with Jordan’s shooting ability and with Simmons at the point have thoroughly enjoyed Kobe.

Yea just got PD Kobe for 100k with 23 contracts on ps4 and pg24 with 97 contracts for 159k, this market is ridiculous. Note to self, start playing myteam around the finals next year

Kobe is such a beast. Damn near flawless