How much MT would you spend on GO Luka?

Thinking of picking up a GO Luka to mess around with since I’ve seen so many glowing reviews. Would you spend 200k on him? 250k?

I’m not really an online player, just like having fun. Sitting on a million MT on XBox current generation.

Yess lol 200k- 250k is a steal / bargin bin price for how good he is still at this point in the game honestly

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I’d want until this content drop in about 10 hours before buying Luka. He is an unbelievable card but should be cheaper tomorrow


Especially if one of the cards is dm lamelo

Under 200k of course

Last few drops we’ve gotten a lot of big guys. I am expecting something huge today (especially with the super OP TT reward), so i can see Luka’s price dropping a bit. Maybe a PG eligible Lebron or a new Simmons?

In 2 weeks you’ll be able to get DM JR. do
I’d wait if i were you

Every single unit of MT he goes for. I’m tired of super big guys. Bye Wilt, my budget is for Luka.

Got lucky on PS5 a couple minutes ago and bought GO Luka (non hero) for 225k.
Without contract, shoe or extra badges…

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Thats not a W

That’s fine. 225k for the best current PG in the AH isn’t bad. Even if Kobe can play PG Luka is still juiced. Plus Kobe might be out your budget. Good move.

Damn I just saw the DM Lamelo in the Leak thread. That might lower Luka’s price.
Anyway too late to sell back now, might aswell enjoy him!

That LaMelo isn’t real, but we are potentially getting PG Kobe today.

150k-180k if for personal use