How Much MT should we be receiving per game?

Hey guys, so I was thinking about way back when myteam first came out. You could play bronze, silver, and gold games for VC to buy packs. The games were tough but once you got a dope legend it was pretty easy. I remember it taking me about two games to buy a pack (if i remember correctly)? Now its 2018, we’ll be looking at 2k19 shortly. This past year the MT totals were bad until moments challenges were increased. So what would yall prefer as a proper total per game for your time? With any game in the mode, Domination, Supertrash, challenges, and etc. I think the perfect total for my time would be at about 2500 per game. I didnt even touch schedule games all year since it was broken from launch and the MT totals were so minimal. Just want to see what some of the Vets of Myteam think. Thanks yall.

2K’s only concern is how much money you will spend on packs. So, for them, the amount of MT they are willing to give you: the absolute minimum without you quitting the game entirely.

The fact you have to play three, maybe four, games to open a pack only to get a silver player and quick-sell items (net: 600 MT) is pretty absurd.

I was thinking about this earlier today – how do people who don’t spend money accumulate tons of MT? To get 100k you would need to play basically 6 hours a day for a week and not spend any MT. Just to get 100k.

bro i just spend 16 hours a day 7 days a week on the auction house its super easy !!


Everything you guys are saying is correct. No argument. Unfortunately I dont think you guys answered the question. How much MT should we be getting per game?

With the current setup, if you play extremely well and destroy the CPU you should get around 1200 MT per game. Which is about 30 minutes. So 2400 per hour.

I think it would be fair to earn 100k from 20 hours of grinding. So 5,000 per hour, or as you suggest 2,500 per game seems OK. But sadly it’s about half of that.

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