How much MT needed?

How much MT needed?

First year playing MyTeam. Currently have 400,000 MT. Is this going to be adequate for what’s coming?

I can see a point guard lebron at 400K.


Bloody at work! Sounds like so much going on😥 entered my codes on phone app ready for when I get home with some beers ready to go, haha


The weekend will be mayhem tbh. Bron will probably be 450k+ with Vince/Jordan (depends on which is the lock in) being 500k+

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Just keep in mind all these cards in a few weeks will be going for 1/3 of what they will be selling for this weekend


Probably not enough people been waiting on this. It would be best to take that 400k and do some sniping and sell when the market recover

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If simmons was going around 400-500k when he came out…I see this lebron going for 500-600k (if he is pg eligible)

He is 100% pg eligible

This LeBron getting boxed in MTU if he doesn’t have the right animations (which he never does). And if they give him the goofy “please block me” lay up package again I swear.

Just bowling balling your way to the hoop doesn’t work on HOF Clamps players unless you’re doing it with PD Shaq. So other than name I don’t get what the hype is about. Hes my favorite player and I have zero interest in using his cards yearly. :sob: :sob: :sob:


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2k18 lebron was goated

I am expecting PG LeBron to have at least Gold RE, which would be a game changer for a Tall PG.

Yeah the PD was a god at Point.

I think they give him HOF RE if he’s an Opal which is even more crazy.

I’m damn near taking every shot with Wade so I have to be picky about who I add. He will be good just off size, speed and badges. All comes down to his animations for me.

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I’m just prepping for the Opal Wades out there and feel like PD Wade (as amazing as he is rn) is going to get somewhat outclassed by end of the month.

Nothing will stop him from hitting shots, but matchups are going to continue getting tougher for him.

Also, I like to use my tall PGs for drive and kick so I’ve been patiently waiting LeBron all year for this. I actually like the fake PD Bron we got this week, even though he can’t shoot for nothing I had some fun running him in TTO as my PG for a few games before selling.

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I’m using Wade until hes just bad enough to be a part of my last 3.

As of now he can still guard TMAC that’s my barometer. When 2s come out that he just can’t hold I’ll move on.

But shit on offense no one can guard him with how I’m cheesing his release. And if all else fails I just shoot behind Shaq.

I’m just a whore for glitchy releases and HOF QD. Also with the badge count this won’t be the only Opal LeBron.

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I’m assuming these are flash packs btw considering a glitched Card is in them, with an opal… market btw will be FLOODED with the low end card, as long as the extra cards are from current roster 2 those cards will be super cheap

Yea so that vince gonna be cheap

Do we know this or are you guessing?

They mentioned PG position for Lebron in the stream.

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