How much MT is 1,000 tto prize packs

Mixed bronze/gold/silver/HC/moments, no diamonds.

Asking for a friend.

Probably like 200k to 300k

Sounds about right, guess it depends on what badges you pull

I’m sitting at 996 packs. No motivation to open them. I usually quick sell everything except contracts though


I’m gonna say 300 to 500 k mt

Whole year I played about
less than 20 Games of TTO Online :rofl:

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Probably got 40 tokens in an hour yesterday, you are missing out.

MTU is broken for me can’t play with EQ, every game is a fake tie going into the 4th.

At least when I get EQ’ed in TTO the game is over in 5 minutes.

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The rainy day fund of TTO packs lol. Just broke 1100 myself. Between that, close to 1k shoes, 600k mt and a maybe 200k worth of crap in my AH right now, I’m hoping I can get within 50 cards of giannis. (125 away right now)

im only starting to save mine and at 16-20 rn. I just started and thats only a few hours of games

I don’t have much time to play because of work.
I only have fun in MTU.

Ive played a ton of TTO. Usually 50 to 60 of those g/s/b packs can get you over 100k

I just realized I am a TTO Crackhead… I get my packs and smoke that shit right away.

I play a lot of TTO and never once thought to save my packs… but I also just put a pair of diamond CP3s on emerald Steve Kerr to play PG for my 90’s Bulls theme team, so my MT usage and spending is far from normal.

dang. Im gonna save a lot of them. last night i pulled a diamond contract lol. i ended up needing contracts for 2 cards and accidentally put one on one of them. its okay bc ill wait for his price to go up lol . diamond kawhi is just so good for me tho

The issue is that my AH is usually full, don’t have space to send random badges or even silvers most of the time.

I quick-sell stacks of any badge that isn’t DRD/Limitless/Dimer.

You don’t have to save them. Its just inconvenient to stop and open them up.

ik id rather save em and open them later on

I save mine because the badge prices change based of which player hits the market. Some days ankle breaker sells for 500mt some days its 1.2k

Offering TTO Pack opening Service! DM for rates


Wait a min… huh lol

Just to throw some more into this, About 250 packs into opening mine. Only selling stacks of 20 contracts and badges so far, quick selling injury cards. 58k so far. (this is ONLY bronze - gold packs)