How much MT for me to get to cwebb from 800 cards?

and is he even worth it at this stage?

Sitting at 800k MT with another 1.3 million in big name cards I could move.

Is this even possible or should I just stick Lebron at PF and move on?

Just get him he’s good

2.1 mill MIGHT get you there

I’m not much help, because I could never stand to collect that many cards and I don’t have him, but I can’t imagine he’s still worth it, especially with the cards that I’m sure are coming. In all the times I’ve faced him, he’s never given me much trouble.

I’m at 1650 but decided he’s not worth it. His player model makes him look like Isaac bonga on the court. Would rather have AK Porzingis and bird at PF

Hes pretty good at sf

Not worth it

Times like these really make me wish they’ve dropped a PD Karla or KG

I’m gonna say he is worth it, just to make it hard on you.

Absolutely not worth it. I have him. He’s a good card, but he’s not worth 2000 cards. PD Anthony Davis is better and possibly Allstar Kuzma. Actually compare Kuzma and Webber in terms of ratings and badges. Almost neck and neck. They are the same height and Kuzma is faster and can speed boost with more Hof badges for 132k.

Damn it I was trying to avoid KUZMA but he’s the best PD PF in the game from what I can see.

I can’t believe I’m about to roster this donkey.

People dont use kuzma at pf

Pick for the VORK his PF. I’m tired of Laettner


He been getting BODIED for me as of late so I benched him. Guess he’s coming out of the retirement home.

I ran him for agrs but hes out of my team now, card that has slow speed, low ball control and small is really hard to use at the 3/4 the last month

Most people don’t use Webber at pf either. They play him at 2 and the 3. I used him at pf all the way up to the release of Larry Bird today.

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Yeah i commented sf for webber

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Amethyst Kristaps. Allstar Kuzma, PD AD, PD Larry, PD Bron all elite at the 4. Pd Giannis can play 4 as well.

Besides AD every power forward seems to have one or two unbearably bad flaws. Annoying.