How much MT for all Heat Check players?

Rough estimate of cost I have a few heat checks already what’s the average for The Whole collection of them in pursuit of AK

Little less than 10 bands

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I’m doing the same thing u r lol

Just get the jersey playbook etc.

Heat Checks filter 1700 below.

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Sitting on 300k right now and willing to sell of some key pieces to make it work

Yeah you gonna need more than 300k for all of them for sure

Well I think I’m willing to sell of hogan is again AK just too damn tempting

Ak too good not to get can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get


Lol who tf is hogan I meant giannis lmfao

Get AK bro. If you want more profit get heatchecks during crash. However the fastest way is through Jersey cheap moments etc.

Where do you play Giannis?

At the 4 or 3 depending if I’m feeling running Blake next to hakeem

True honestly I’m running ak at the three most likely

I’ll probs say fuck it and run him at the two you know if he has 3pt plays?

Nah he doesn’t according to 2kmtc if he did that would be so broken lol

Base 11 off screens too cheesy

In that case I’d run him at the 3 I have a couple plays I run through Hondo at the 2 that get my 3 open

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Good luck bro lmk if you get him tonight I’m trying to get him by midnight

I’m like 50 something cards away from 1000

That’s easy money